Confidence – Calm – Well-being

“Everyone is going through something….Therapy helps”

– kevin love, nba pro


I’m Holly Katz, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Northbrook, IL. I believe we all have tremendous capacity for growth, healing, and change. Using a warm collaborative approach mixed with honesty and humor, I work to provide a safe, supportive space for clients to explore and process difficult emotions and issues.

I use a variety of proven techniques including EMDR and Biofeedback
(HeartMath) to help clients connect to their heart and feel a sense of

Through our work together, clients gain insight into negative patterns, and develop strategies and coping skills  to find clarity and restore inner peace.  Clients feel more confident, calm, and connected and are better able to:

  • Overcome anxiety and self-doubt
  • Move through difficult life events,  transitions, and personal challenges
  • Improve relationships
  • Process feelings of grief, loss, sadness, and trauma
  • Handle complex parenting issues
  • Achieve peak performance in sports, music and on a day-to-day basis
  • Clearly navigate through workplace issues
  • Address spiritual crises

I love my work and I’m excited to get to know you!

Feel free to contact me to learn more or for a complimentary 15 minute consultation.